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We install a satellite dish and TV antennae to receive programming from satellite providers and local broadcast networks. These antennae feed into several racks of electronic equipment which tunes in the channels you choose for your cable lineup and combines them into a single cable signal. This feed can also include local sources such as in-house channels such as a campus TV station, information and billboard channels.


TMS Standalone and Cascadable Multiswitche range is designed for domestic installations as well as for apartment blocks. The range is comes in sizes ranging from 8 Way to 32 Way.

Fiber Transceiver, Amplifier, Splitter

Very compact Amplifier, Taps & Splitters are a range of 5 wire passive distribution devices. Enterprise and High Wavelength of Fiber Transceiver for better signal distributions.


Latest programmable DVB-­T Modulator for high resolutions In­‐House video converting.

Enterprise Fiber Transmission

Highest quality Wavelength of Fiber Transceiver for wide and greater signal distribution, allow boating with data signal.


EoC is a very straight forward way of using New or existing coaxial networking for transporting HD SMATV/ MATV/ CATV and Network data signals.

Network Tx / Rx

Optical access network technology that uses point-­to-­multipoint architecture to provide a variety of services over Ethernet.

Fully Integrated SMATV and FTTH Solutions

Today SMATV systems are becoming a key need for most building infrastructures, such as residences, commercial, Mix development, high end landed residency, hotel & resort, shopping centers, transportation center and etc. Trello Technology with integrated solutions providing customers with high-quality TV video & network signals in simple backbone, backed by outstanding customer service
High Rise

Just one satellite dish supplies several hundred apartments with interference-free transmission, and just one fibre optic cable replaces up to 5 coaxial cables.


Make yourself more comfortable with live TV and stay on top of global affairs with access to 24/7 TV, live events and video-on-demand in any location on-demand video.


Deliver Video On Demand, targeted information and offers, room service and much more – either on in-room TVs or guests’ own devices, to ensure a just-like-home experience.


Our all-in-one platform provides tailored services throughout the entire hospitality sector. Improving guest engagement and maximising revenues.


Securely distribute broadcast-quality video around studios, production galleries, entertainment and and editing suites.


Keep your customer coming back with the latest in-room entertainment, info-channels and multiscreen support.


Entertain and inform your passengers on the move with live TV, on-demand video, advertising and travel info.

Office Buildings

Inform, educate and motivate your organization with on-demand video delivered to any device, in any location.

Project References

We are honoured to be chosen to play a participant role in the construction of large telecommunication projects, both past and present undertaken by some of the reputable companies in the number of industries

GoldSand Hotel, Kuah Langkawi Island

GoldSand Hotel, Kuah Langkawi Island

Skyridge Garden Tanjong Tokong

Skyridge Garden Tanjong Tokong

The Ruma Residence KLCC

The Ruma Residence KLCC